Rosetta Berger is a first-year graduate student in linguistics. Her primary interests are phonology, historical linguistics, and language contact. Current projects include Western Desert subgrouping and data simulation to explore remote relationships.


Ethan Campbell-Taylor is a senior linguistics major who has been with the lab since fall 2014. His linguistic interests include phonology, morphology, and most recently computational linguistics. He is currently working on the lab’s polysemy project, which focuses specifically on Croft’s terms.



Rikker Dockum is a third-year graduate student in linguistics. His primary interests are Tai historical linguistics, language documentation, and language contact and change in Southeast Asia. Current research projects include documentation of Khamti and related languages spoken in northern Burma.

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Joshua Phillips is a second-year linguistics graduate student at Yale. He has interests in language change, contact, preservation and documentation particularly in the Australian context. Much of his work to date has involved investigating Australian Kriol as well creolisation as a postcolonial linguistic phenomenon.

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Kate Rosenberg is a sophomore linguistics major from Chappaqua, New York. Her current work in the lab involves preparing data on Yan-nhangu to be submitted to the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages.



Dr. Erich Round is a researcher in the fields of phonology, morphology and language diversity and change. He focuses on Australian indigenous languages, and on the development of ‘micro-variate typology’ and other large-scale methods for investigating the diversity, change and relatedness of languages. He is Australian Research Council DECRA fellow and lecturer in linguistics at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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Emily Wu is a junior linguistics major at Yale. This year, she will be working on semantic change and colexification. Her past experience includes research in neural and behavioral sciences. In her free time, she is involved with meditation and service at Yale.

Matthew Massie is a junior history major at Yale. He serves as the manager of the Pama-Nyungan Lab, adjusting and maintaining its database of Australian lexical items.

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