Recent press on Tjupan project

Over the last few months my student Andy Zhang has been doing fieldwork on Tjupan. The ABC has recently picked up the story and they ran a national segment last night. The print version is here. Frankly, I’m pretty puzzled (as I often am) why a particular project makes the news and another doesn’t, but it’s great publicity both for the Goldfields Language Project (Walkatjurra Culture Centre) and for language work.

This project started as a “grammar group”, where 6 students and I were working with Sue Hanson’s field notes on Tjupan to write a sketch grammar. A draft of the sketch grammar was completed back in June and Andy has been working on checking and extending it.

We didn’t have any funding for the initial round of work, but for the next few years I’ll be running a similar group as a summer “grammar boot camp” through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates scheme. More on that project soon.

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